Human Out – Superhuman Back In

Good morning!

Yesterday was an odd day. I felt so, human. If I had to be honest I will tell you that I didn’t like it. I felt agitated, alienated (self inflicting), vulnerable, lethargic, and a bit gloomy. Let’s be real here, there is a 94% chance that all of this was caused by my ongoing adjustment back into our time zone. We all know that stints of human-like activity don’t last long with me. Although my workout this morning was quite human as well, I do not associate that with how the rest of my day shall unfold.

Next weekend I have two weddings to go to! EEKK. At least I get to wear one of my two new suits šŸ™‚ I’m excited about that! The big question is…. should I take a date?! Initially I say no because then that kind of limits my new friendship making abilities if I have a date with me, on the other hand, showing up single isn’t always as much fun! I just don’t want to have to entertain someone šŸ˜¦ I’m a jerk huh? Well, that settles it then… I’ll go single. Crash the weddings, make a movie, throw up on the brides, and call it a night!

Well let me get back to work. See you guys on the flip side.


Back from Singapore

OMG. Let me tell you. No wait, are you ready? Sit down, this is a real shocker…. ok, you ready this time? Really?

OMG I’m so tired! I know!!! Who would have thought?! My freakin internal clock is royally funktified and I am paying the price.

Oh so you want to know about my trip? Ehh, it was boring. Got driven around all day going to different meetings and such. Just as soon as I was getting adjust to +13 hours, it was time to come back! LOL. So that’s kind of a win/lose situation, eh? I’m glad I went though. I’m glad my boss trusted me enough to send me on my own, and I’m glad I was able to represent an entire company by myself being there. Albeit I had our sales guy from Singapore with me, as well as our Managing Director for Asia operations there as well… I, Jorge Lara, was representing our entire operation in Houston šŸ™‚ I felt important, it felt good. I was nervous, but I don’t think it showed… all in all it was a successful trip which is exactly what I hoped for. That and getting to and from safely which I couldn’t be more happy about šŸ™‚

So what else is new? Well I was shocked when I saw the number of views my blog has had since I’ve last logged on. So much in fact that I felt compelled to write another entry for fear of letting down all my reader(s). LOL. I’ve successfully transitioned to 5am workouts and I will never go back. Well, never say never (Justin Beiber taught me that), but I love working out in the morning. Contrary to how I feel at the moment, I have so much more energy through out the day and I love the feeling of actually HAVING a day after work instead of spending it all at the gym. Especially with us changing the time again and getting more sun light soon, it’ll be an even better reason why I’ve switched!

I went to the Radiohead concert this weekend. Actually, I went STRAIGHT from the airport, rushed home to shower and didn’t even unpack, and went straight to the Toyota Center to meet a friend for the concert. It was bang, bang, no time to mess around. I thought I was going to be late! Low and behold they didn’t come on until after 8:30 so i wasn’t late at all. The concert was great. Being that I was more than likely still suffering from jet lag the concert had such an awesome effect on me. Aye dios mio, speaking of jet lag, I’m yawning and trying to keep my eyes open while typing this and it’s 5:37pm!!

I guess that’s all for now. I should post more, again… for the 30th time.

Hey! Good Morning!

Hello šŸ™‚

I’ve probably posted this song more than once, but I’m posting it again because I wish I could hear it right now but I don’t have speakers at work šŸ˜¦

Example – Watch The Sun Come Up (Devil’s Gun Zeitgeist Remix)


So I’ve been working out at 5am for almost two weeks now. I love it. I will stick with this routine indefinitely. I don’t have any major qualms with waking up that early, and I get more free time after work, also IĀ  get to bed at a decent hour… which are 2 things I’ve been wanting to do! I don’t have much to say except for I’m excited for the weekend. Because that means I get to spend more time outside on God’s green earth! Woot woot! I am so happy to be alive.

I’ll be leaving in almost exactly one week from now. I’m excited about my Singapore trip as well. It will be nice to get away, and I’m staying at a nice hotel this time so they’ll have a suitable gym and I’ll be working out in the mornings there as well šŸ™‚


No time to talk, gotta go!


Have a great day!

Early Monday Morning

Good morning!

Today was the first day of working out in the morning, before work. I loved it. I really did.
I woke up at 4:40am because of my alarm. Let me tell you about my alarm first, it’s pretty neat. I have an iPhone, and I downloaded this app called “Sleep Cycle”. It’s super neat. What is does is utilizes the iPhones accelerometer, which is highly sensitive, and it tracks your movement throughout your sleep. The idea is that you set your phone face down on your bed, while you’re sleeping your phone tracks any movement, and during a 30 minute window it wakes you up during what should be your lightest phase of sleep. This is the main reason doctors think people wake up either energized and ready to go, or super groggy and nearly hungover. If you wake up during your REM sleep, it’s thought that this is what causes people to feel super tired and non function able in the morning.

So enough about my alarm. I woke up at 4:40 with the plan to get to the gym at five, and workout to be home by 6:30 to shower and eat breakfast. It worked like a charm šŸ™‚ I got to the gym right at five. I warmed up on the elliptical, and I began my back workout. Albeit I didn’t feel as strong as I normally do, I took into consideration this is my first morning workout and my body is surely not used to it. I had a great workout though. I finished in perfect time to come home and have some eggs and toast, and then a warm shower.

I rode my motorcycle to work today, and it was COLD! My lord it was cold. My helmet also jacked up my hair, and now I look stupid šŸ˜¦

Other than that I’m having a great morning, and I’m excited about having the rest of the day after work to do whatever I want on God’s green earth.

Such A Memorable Night

What a night, what a night. Friday took forever to arrive, and it didn’t stay long enough. It’s a memorable feeling when in a very distinct instance, you are completely conscious of the idea that you are living in an irreversible, totally euphoric, and a bittersweet moment that you wish would never end… but then they always do. Last night I went to watch Calvin Harris play at Stereo Live. The venue is kind of crappy, it’s pretty small, most of the time the artists that perform there deserve a bigger and better venue, but I went with 3 of my best friends and it was a night to remember. Calvin Harris played a set that I think stirred up emotions that each one of us four needed to have brought out, each in our own way. Now I understand that as you read this, you can only imagine it from behind the computer screen, and it’s quite difficult and near impossible to actually comprehend how it was to actually be there. You may not even like this type of music…. but maybe you’ve had a similar experience in your life where you just KNEW that the perfect moment you were in, had to end. It’s bittersweet I tell you…


So needless to say, we were excited. I think we all knew that it would be an awesome night. I would have bet you $100 Friday morning on the way to work, that the night would have ended up just like it did, and I would have been $100 richer too!!! Why didn’t I make that bet? The only bad thing from the entire night was the bartender. She was cute, but she definitely thought she was cuter than what she was, and she made a terrible vodka soda. My lord, how can you make a vodka soda that tastes so horrible? I am being honest when I say I could hardly stomach it, I finished it anyhow. For $8 it was a tiny cup they were serving in, so I decided to make the switch to Dos Equis since I had three or four screw drivers at the house before we left, where I got to play bartender and be in charge of the Beluga russian vodka, LOL. So the XX was just the right move to keep my night smooth sailing. After the concert, we came home and cracked open the bottle of Jim Beam. Now THAT, was not the smartest thing we’ve done… Lord knows it wasn’t the dumbest either. Boy that bourbon has a kick to it. I’m more of a whiskey guy myself, it had been years since I touched this stuff though. Suffice to say, the night didn’t last much longer after that. I went to bed knowing I would wake up wishing we were still in the club…. and with a hang over.

Tonight we’re going out again, for my friends’ cousin’s birthday. I’ve vowed to myself to not get drunk. Let’s see how this works out.

Ladies and Gentlemen I hope you have a wonderful evening. Maybe you’ll hear from me again this week šŸ™‚

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.

I know I said I was going to update daily with how and what I’ve eaten….. EAT ME! šŸ˜¦

Sorry for the outburst. I just keep forgetting, LOL. But I have started to lose weight, which is a good thing but also I’m not too sure if I’ve been losing it kind of fast because I haven’t really been keeping track of my weight. I don’t want to lose it too fast… that’s what she said. Right? I can’t remember now. I wasn’t really listening to her to be honest.

So I decided I’m going to start reading this book I bought that’s in Spanish. I bought it in Spain thinking it was a Spanish author but it turns out it’s an American author and it’s only a transcribed copy into Spanish. HAHAHA I guess I got fooled. Oh well, it will still help me practice my Spanish.


Nothing else has really been going on. Work is great, staying busy, and I’ve been getting out to see some condos and townhomes in the midtown area. I’m glad I’m starting early because I’m learning a lot in just the last two weeks. It’ll help me make a more clear and educated decision come the end of the year.


Anyway. Back to work.

LOL That Didn’t Last Long

I realize I didn’t update yesterday. LOL. This may not get updated daily like I thought. I just keep forgetting šŸ˜¦

Anyway. I’m at work now. Work has been really busy since the new year. That’s a really good thing considering we are entering our slow season when things normally get really quiet around the world in the oil & gas industry. I heard they’ve just voted against that huge pipeline going from Canada to Houston. That’s kind of crappy. It would have created thousands upon thousands of jobs, and would have really helped the oil industry. I think people really have terrible misconceptions of the industry from the start. I blame it all on the leftist media and propaganda. That’s a whole different story though.

So my sisters and mom just hopped on a plan to New York to leave my sister back at school šŸ˜¦ I already miss her. I don’t get to see her much, and in the last 8 year or so I really haven’t. When I graduated high school I moved away to play college baseball and she was just a baby in 7th grade I believe.Ā  So when I came back home finally, she was nearly a senior in high school. The following year she left for NYU. I feel like out of all my siblings, she’s the only one I wasn’t around for while she grew up. I kind of regret that, and I feel slightly at fault. That’s time and memories that will NEVER come back…

Well she’s doing great, and she’s considering going to medical school after her BS so she can be a psychiatrist and prescribe medicine. She’s so smart.

I wonder what this weekend will be. I wonder if I’ll engage in any scandalous escapades? Hmmmmm šŸ™‚